You’re invited to join a league of everyday gender justice superheroes! | Girls Empowerment Network

Contributed by: Arielle Scherr, Girl Advocacy League 2018 Chair


You’re invited to join a league of everyday gender justice superheroes!


My name’s Arielle Scherr and I’m the 2018 Chair of Girl Advocacy League. The Girl Advocacy League (GAL) supports the Girls Empowerment Network in helping ignite the power in girls, while providing GAL members with access to programming where we learn to become unstoppable too. From now through early March, we’re focused on getting more folks engaged with Girl Advocacy League.


GAL Returning Members Retreat 2017


While GEN seeks to create safe spaces for the girls we serve, GAL seeks to create a similar space for GEN supporters. GAL members donate $100+ annually, which funds a month (or more!) of GEN’s school-based programming for girls. Members are also encouraged to support the GEN mission by fundraising and volunteering when they can.


GAL members gain access to an incredible series of monthly events that help them form meaningful connections with one another and grow more empowered. We’ve featured events on self-compassion, goal-setting, self-care, civic engagement, health, empowered dating, and more. We’re using Amplify Austin, Austin’s city-wide day of giving on March 1st and 2nd, to bring new members into our community! You can schedule your membership gift anytime by donating $100+ at:


I hope to see you around soon!


Volunteering at We Are Girls Austin