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The Girl Advocacy League

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What It Is

The Girl Advocacy League (GAL) is a giving circle and shared-interest group for supporters of Girls Empowerment Network. The group offers another way for GEN supporters to connect with one another and build community and makes active engagement with GEN more accessible.


Why It Exists

1. Community: Just as GEN seeks to create safe spaces for open dialogue among the girls it serves, we seek to create a similar space for our supporters. We witness our supporters forge bonds and grow close when given any opportunity – swapping stories about girls’ issues, popular culture, and advocacy – and we want to cultivate and encourage these relationships.


2. Accessible Engagement: We are lucky to have supporters of many different backgrounds, each with different lives and daily schedules. We recognize a need amongst our supporters to create more flexible opportunities for involvement. Not everyone has the ability to commit to a weekly volunteer position, but wants more opportunities than the once-monthly volunteer night or once-yearly We Are Girls Conference. This group offers a new way to become involved that can be adjusted to fit your life.


How It Works

Each Girl Advocacy League member commits to supporting GEN in 3 ways and receives special benefits, including a quarterly Society Salon happy hour that includes an educational presentation and time for socializing and dialogue. Each year the Society will have a Chair who coordinates group communication and helps attract new membership.


Annual requirements include:

Giving: One one-time donation of a minimum of $100 or 12 monthly donations of $10 each*, which directly supports self-esteem building programs for girls.

Volunteerism: Six hours of volunteering per year, which can be served through direct service, volunteer nights, or in-office administrative support at the convenience of the member.

Advocacy and Fundraising: Willingness to spread the word about GEN and advocate! As part of this advocacy, members recruit their friends to join the society and/or fundraise in peer-to-peer online giving campaigns. There is no specific requirement as to the number/regularity of participating in these campaigns, but we encourage members to fundraise/advocate as able.

*The 12 monthly donations of $10 each totals $120 for the year, which is slightly more that the $100 one-time annual donation to cover online payment processing fees.


Benefits include:

Connection and Education: A quarterly happy hour called a “Society Salon,” at which GEN will present briefly on a relevant girls’ issue, then open a discussion of the topic. The Salon ends with time for general socializing, with food and drink available. We hope to help foster personal and professional connections to our supporters. Each Salon is followed-up with an email providing the presentation materials for reference.

Recognition: Name recognition on the GEN website and other Girl Advocacy League materials.

Community: The Girl Advocacy League will have a Facebook group, hosted by GEN, which allows them to connect, share interesting girls’- and womens’- issue news, and support one another outside of in-person time together at Society Salons and volunteering.


How to Join

To join, please visit our Donate page, donate a minimum of $10/month, $25/quarter, or $100 and under the question “Are you joining a giving circle?” mark “Yes, I donated $100 or more and am joining the Girl Advocacy League.” You’ll receive an automated confirmation of payment immediately, followed by thank you and welcome materials!


If You Have Questions Before Joining

Fill out this form, which goes directly to Brittany Yelverton, Community Relations and Volunteer Manager and Girl Advocacy League Liaison.