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Our Methods:

GENaustin increases the social and academic success of girls by:

1. Equipping them with the skills they need to navigate the dangers and pressures of adolescence.

2. Forging healthy, supportive bonds so they know they are never alone.

3. Surrounding them with relatable role models who encourage, inspire, & guide.

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Our Programs:

clubgen clubGEN

clubGEN is an after school program for girls in grades 3-8. At clubGEN, girls are surrounded with positive role models they can relate to for connection, inspiration, and guidance. Weekly interactive, fun sessions incorporate a research-based curriculum designed exclusively for clubGEN. With support from their club leaders, peers and high school role models, clubGEN equips girls with the skills and awareness they need to navigate the pressures of the teen years. Most of all, it’s fun!

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FLyerjpeg  We Are Girls Conference 

The We Are Girls Conference, produced by The Girls Empowerment Network, is a statewide, multi-city event designed especially for girls in grades 3-8 and the adults who care about them. The 2017-2018 theme is “Become Unstoppable.” Featuring skill-building workshops and dynamic presentations, the We Are Girls Conference connects girls to relatable role models and encourages healthy relationships, educational discovery, and creative self-expression.

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girltalk girlTalk

The Girl Talk Workshops explore the issues of being a girl with topics such dating, body image, communication, friendships, and parent-daughter relationships.  Girl Talk Workshops are offered to schools and community groups for girls in grades 3-12 year-round.

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girlconnect GirlConnect

GirlConnect, a Dell “Legacy of Good” Program
Technology has a major impact on the lives of girls today, influencing their choices and relationships.  GirlConnect’s goal is to address the challenges girls face in their daily lives by incorporating technology and 21st century skills into an engaging and interactive curriculum.

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180 Program 180 Program

Girls Empowerment Network’s 180 Program is a prevention and intervention program designed to reach middle and high school girls involved in or at high risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. The program goals are to decrease rates of juvenile delinquency and increase in-school functioning, critical thinking skills and self-sufficiency for program participants. 180 reaches many girls after a first offense and helps them get back on track, preventing them from entering or re-entering the juvenile justice system. Groups meet for 8-12 sessions in schools and community settings. Additionally, an intensive one-day program is offered for girls who could not otherwise participate in a longer-term group. The curriculum focuses on developing girls’ bonding, goal-setting skills, self-esteem, mental health, attachment to school, violence prevention, issues with authority and substance abuse prevention.

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Pathfinder Pathfinder

GEN’s Pathfinder Program is a personal and professional leadership development program aimed at giving high school girls a head start on their road to college, career and independence. This summer program helps young women uncover their strengths, develop skills like interviewing and public speaking, explore different industries and professions, and gain access to women leaders — all with the support of like-minded peers.

Learn more about the Pathfinder Program.

Camps CampGEN

Girls Empowerment Network’s summer day camp, campGEN, serves girls in grades 4-8. campGEN girls participate in fun, interactive workshops during week-long sessions that are designed to help girls feel more confident as they navigate girlhood. Girls will gain new skills, new friendships and a new sense of self!  Check out our upcoming camps!

Health and Wellness Initiatives

GEN’s Health and Wellness Initiatives are for girls and their families to learn the key skills that support a holistic healthy lifestyle. The program engages participants in exercise, healthy eating, and body positive workshops and activities. With this effort, Girls Empowerment Network brings an encouraging, interactive, educational health-focused program directly to communities in need.

Learn more about our Health and Wellness Initiatives by emailing office@genaustin.org.

resources Resources

Resources for parents, teachers and educators: