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Growing up as a girl has always been a challenging journey. Friendships, social groups, and self-identity move to the center of a girl’s world as she becomes a teen; meanwhile, school gets harder, her body changes, and cultural messages become desperately confusing. And just when girls seem to need guidance the most, they often turn away from trusted adults, hoping to find stronger bonds with their peers. How will they learn the wisdom they need to navigate the pressures and pitfalls of being a girl in today’s world?

clubGEN is an after school program for girls in 3rd-8th grade.

At clubGEN, girls are surrounded with positive role models they can relate to for connection, inspiration, and guidance. Weekly interactive, fun sessions incorporate a research-based curriculum designed exclusively for clubGEN. With support from their club leaders, peers and high school role models, clubGEN equips girls with the skills and awareness they need to navigate the pressures of the teen years. Most of all, it’s fun!

What topics are covered?

Body Image, media literacy, positive self talk, puberty, bullying, career exploration, confidence, goal setting, healthy relationships, stress management, friendship, communication, and team building.

How to Participate:

Step 1 – Find a clubGEN program at your school.

Step 2 – Download a permission form.

Step 3 – Call our office and find out when your afterschool clubGEN meets.

Step 4 – Go to your first clubGEN meeting and join the fun, creative, supportive group.

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