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Girl Talk Workshops and Assemblies are discussion and activity-based programs that address the challenges that girls are facing. Girl Talk Workshops are offered to schools and community groups year-round. These sessions are designed for 3rd-12th grade girls, parents, and educators.


Girl Talk Workshops and Assemblies allow participants the opportunity to educate themselves and ask candid questions of professionals and role models. For over 15 years, GEN has provided a safe, girl-only environment where girls can discuss their concerns about topics that are sometimes too difficult to talk about with family and friends.

How are Girl Talk Workshops/Assemblies Formatted?

Girl Talk Workshops can accommodate groups of 10-50 participants. Each workshop can be scheduled for 30-90 minutes to fit your needs. Workshops are a great tool for school classes, community groups, and parents. Through workshops, we strive to increase community awareness of the needs of adolescent girls and forge alliances with other organizations to help girls. All you have to provide is a classroom space, school contact person, and participants. GEN brings the rest!

GEN Assemblies

GEN Assemblies are dynamic and engaging presentations that are a great way to bring positive and empowering messages to large groups of girls!  Each assembly can be scheduled for 30-90 minutes and can accommodate groups of 50-300 girls.  Topics include – Leadership & Communication OR Body Image & Media Literacy

What are the Girl Talk Workshop Topics?

Social Media

  • My Cyber Life: Recommended for grades 3-12, this workshop helps girls explore the challenges and benefits of using social media.  Girls learn about how their online lives can affect their real lives and practice how to handle difficult situations they face online.

Healthy Relationships/Friendships

    • Abuse vs. Respect: Recommended for grades 5+, this workshop helps girls explore the characteristics of healthy relationships and understand what to do if they ever encounter an abusive situation.
    • Defining My Values: Recommended for grades 7+, this workshop guides girls through understanding what is most important to them in a relationship and how their personal values and boundaries relate to dating.
    • Friendship Counts: This workshop gives girls the opportunity to discuss common friendship problems and offer solutions through activities designed to break down stereotypes and promote understanding.

Body Positivity

    • Real Beauty*: In this workshop girls will explore beauty in the media and discuss how it affects the way they feel about their own bodies.  Girls will decide what they think is beautiful and use technology to advocate for “real beauty.”

*This is a technology infused workshop that is a part of our GirlConnect Program.  See below.

Stress Management


    • Be Assertive! : This workshop for girls in grades 4-6 helps participants recognize the difference between communication styles, showing how assertive communication is more effective than passive or aggressive behavior.
    • Communication with Friends: This workshop for girls in grades 7+ helps participants understand how consistently using assertive communication can create respect amongst friends.

*GirlConnect: GirlConnect is a Dell Powering the Possible recipient in the United States. GirlConnect is a technology focused program which allows girls to examine the media and “real beauty” using state-of-the-art Dell technology. If you would like to learn more about GirlConnect, click here.

Parent/Adult Workshops:

  • Girls Online: This workshop for adults identifies how girls are using social media and the latest trends in online interaction.  Adults will learn more about the challenges and benefits girls face online, and ultimately discover ways to promote healthy online lives for girls.
  • Help! My Daughter’s Being Bullied: This workshop for adults provides some practical tips to support girls and empower them to address bullying situations.
  • Body Image: Promoting the healthy ideal: In this workshop, adults investigate the problematic “Hollywood ideal” and explore ways to promote healthy body image in girls.

What are the GEN Assembly topics?

Assembly topics:

  • Body Image & Media Literacy: This assembly will examine beauty in the media.  Girls will discuss the effect it can have on their own body image and self-esteem.  Girls will identify what is beautiful to THEM, while celebrating inner and real beauty!
  • Leadership & Communication: In this assembly girls will learn how to stand up for themselves and others by communicating effectively.  Girls will identify the qualities of a great leader and learn how they can be leaders themselves.

Who do Girl Talk Workshops serve?

In the 2013-2014 school year, Girl Talk Workshops impacted over 2,500 girls and over 300 parents in many central Texas school districts and community organizations. Workshops are designed to reach all girls in grades 3-12.

Girl Talk Workshops are also available anywhere in the state of Texas!

How Do I Schedule a Girl Talk Workshop or Assembly?

The first step to schedule a workshop is to complete a Workshop Request Form so we can collect as much information as possible. If you have any questions while filling out the form, please email or call (512)808-4044 (ext. 109) for further information.

What is the Cost of Girl Talk Workshops?

Workshops are priced at $150 each for the 2015-2016 school year. Limited financial assistance is available for schools and community organizations that do not have the ability to pay the full amount. Schools and community organizations outside of Central Texas are asked to also pay an additional fee toward the cost of travel, on a case-by-case basis.

What is the cost of GENaustin's Assemblies?

GEN’s Assemblies are priced at $250 each for the 2015-2016 school year.  Schools and community organizations outside of Central Texas are asked to also pay an additional fee toward the cost of travel, on a case-by-case basis.